Monday, April 18, 2016

Room Experience

Using specific examples from your own experiences: What would you do if your brother, sister or other family member around you r age that used to share a room with you came into the room later today and said that you have to make room for them and that stuff or find another place to sleep? Who would get the room? How would you react if you got pressured by your parents? hOw would you solve this problems peacefully?

I think that I would not end up sharing the room with my sister. If she was in the situation where she could not use her own room, I probably would tell her that we have two other spare rooms in the house that used to belong to my older sister and brother. I would say that its much easier for her to move into a spare room instead of moving into a room that's already occupied. If my father put pressure on me, I would probably give in eventually after trying to convince him its not necessary. If it did come down to her sharing the room with me temporarily, I would try to divide up the room but I would end up with most of the privilege and room because it was my room in the first place. However, if it was for a long-term, I would probably split it up evenly because I know I have to be fair to her, and her comfort is just as important as mine. I would set some rules and boundaries because personal space is important to me, but we would inevitably get over arguments over things and end up compromising. But in the end, I would do my best to prevent this situation by showing other solutions than sharing a room with me.

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