Monday, August 3, 2015

IDEAS Blog #1 - Is it Progress?

The Industrial Revolution represents progress in terms of productivity and the overall standard of living. But no everyone benefited, especially in the beginning. Many farmers didn't want to leave their land, many workers hated factory work, children were exploited, and pollution increased. Is it progress if not everyone is progressing?

I would say to a certain extent, progress is progress if not everyone is progressing. If this were not true, then you wouldn't be able to call anything progress. In every situation, there is someone who is not better off or unhappy. There's no such thing as progress that always benefits every individual. I think that progress is defined by how much the community and society is benefited. I would think that the Industrial Revolution positively influenced not just Britain, but many parts of the world. In sense, doesn't that make it worth it?

However, I can see how people saw the Industrial Revolution as something regressive. Many people, especially children, were take advantage of and left unhappy because of this revolution. Progress is something that should be apparent in everyone's lives. Unfortunately, there will always someone who will be unhappy in face of progress. For example, recently the world has seen a major change in mindset regarding women, people of color and people part of the LGBTQA+ community. In the last few years, the people in these communities earned many more rights. There are  people unhappy with recent developments with this rights. However, it's still seen as progress with the majority of people! Despite the small amount of people who are unhappy, there is a large amount of people who are happier because of this.

Progress is progress even if not everyone is progressing.

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  1. Great response. I love how you are able to see both sides of the issue. Keep it up.