Friday, January 23, 2015


What is one problem that you see in the world that you believe people should be working to solve. Explain why this matter is important to you.

There is a couple, but I think they're all related. I want to start with poverty: at this moment, the wealthiest people of the world, 1% of the population, have more wealth combined than the bottom 40% percent of the population. We need to learn how to distribute wealth and create solutions to these problems. After that, we can start dealing with other evident problems such as racism, sexism, corruption and violence. The fact that we have computers, houses and live in cities already makes us the wealthiest people in the world. This makes a huge disadvantage--people with less money can't afford education, people without education can't get well-paying jobs, and people without a consistent and reasonable salary can't send their kids to college. It's a vicious cycle, and the only reason we're not as the receiving end of it is because we were lucky enough to have more wealth than the rest of the population. We were lucky to be born in a free country to parents that were well-off. The issue of poverty matters to me because all of my other relatives have much less than we do--for a time, my father and mother had to live in a factory because they couldn't afford a house. My mother had to borrow a wedding dress and she didn't own a mirror in four years. Luckily, in my father's time, education wasn't as expensive as it is nowadays, and he managed use it in order to work his way up to the top. Unfortunately, because of the ever climbing price of university, people like him and my mom won't have the chance. I get reminded of that every time we visit my relatives and see how little they have compared to us. In order to solve this issue with poverty, we need to understand where it came from. This is why studying history is important: if  you don't understand where a problem came from, you can't understand how to solve it. We need to look back in time to the roots of the problem and see how we can change it here and now. Learning about the colonization of America helped me understand racism, so maybe learning about wealth and trade was established would help me learn about poverty. This will be my learning target of this semester: understand where poverty came from, so I can understand how to fix it.

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