Friday, November 14, 2014

Pocahontas and Why It Doesn't Matter

  1. Is their harm done by depicting historical inaccuracies in the Disney film, Pocahontas?
Explain why or why not.
I don't think much harm is done by depicting historical inaccuracies in Pocahontas. This movie is one of many, all of which could contain historical inaccuracies, many of which do. If you're going to ask this question, you need to ask this question for all of the Disney movies. Most people don't watch just one Disney movie, but rather several. Would the harm be done of historical inaccuracies being depicted repeatedly? If we are going to focus on solely on Pocahontas, then I don't believe much harm is done. While the story of Pocahontas is dramatized, and the brutal, violent truth is being covered up, this is a movie intended for children. It's intentionally cleaned up so that children could watch it, and the truth about how this story ends isn't children-friendly either. I forgive Disney for including these historically inaccuracies, and praise them for the other details they included. Putting the wooden fence up around Jamestown, the lord Ratcliffe and his pug, and the language and clothing of the Indian people were all well-researched. It gives children at least an idea of what life was like, and how quickly these two sides went to war. However, it's not okay for them to believe this is how the story was forever. At one point, they need to learn the truth, and it won't come from Disney. I put the responsibility of educating children on schools, not a company whose main purpose is educate through musical animation.

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