Monday, November 17, 2014

Connecting Goals and Redirecting Steps

Lately, we've been doing many reflections about Core Values and what we feel we're successful with, and what we need to work on. Looking at my reflections, I found that I personally felt that I excelled with Communication and Balance, but struggle with Innovate and Curiosity. I feel that I can communicate well with my peers and teachers, and through writing, but struggle with original ideas and being interested enough to research further in my school. When my teachers wrote about my reflections, they agreed with me to some extent. They said that Communicator and Balance were definitely my strong points, and I could balance out my work and personal life style but I need to work better on assessing my strengths and weaknesses to improve my learning.

In my previous blog labeled, "Vision Boards: What I Aspire to Be", I wrote about four of my life goals. All of them required lots of balance in my life and communication with my family and teachers. One of them was about how I was just learning how to play the bass. I really wanted to commit with it and learn it well, so I said I should stay after school to practice with Mr. Stange's bass once a week. I ended up doing much more than that. I stayed after school nearly every day, as much as I could, in order to practice the bass and took it upon myself to learn songs that my teacher had not taught me yet, which shows Curiosity. I really committed to this instrument and fell in love with it, and I recently got a bass for my birthday, which was more than I ever wanted. 

My next goal was about reading and writing more. Alongside music, reading and writing are the true passions in my life and in the past few months I had stopped doing them. I didn't want to lose my writing skill and wanted to keep reading, so my goal was to do both of them more. I have been reading a lot lately, although I've been too busy in the past week to read anything. When it comes to writing, there was a week or two where I was back into my rhythm and writing a thousand words a night, but then I stopped doing that. I think that these two really come down to Balance; can I balance out my workload and personal life to have time for these two activities? Or is this just not the right time to commit to reading and writing? I think that with softball season coming up, I won't be writing or reading a lot in the future. However, I do believe that by the end of the year I'll have figure out how to manage out my activities so I can do everything I can. 

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