Wednesday, November 5, 2014

BRICS Energy Proposal

My group did a project on Brazil about energy: how much they use now, how much they'll need in the future and what sort of resources they have. I'm happy to say that 85% of Brazil's power is renewable, which is much more than the other BRICS. However, Brazil is still partially dependent on coal, gas and oil and most of their renewable energy comes from hydroelectric power, which isn't entirely reliable or clean. My proposal to Brazil is to make the most of their resources and eventually, not use any fossil fuels at all. Brazil gets tons of sun power, even though its a rainy place. If you place them all over the country, you can get a lot of energy. Brazil also has a massive coastline. Although all the beaches are beautiful, you can use beaches whose wave power and the pull of the tide is dangerous to swimmers, and place tide turbines there. On isolated beaches, the danger of electric shock greatly decreases, and you can get lots of energy, especially on stormy days. Brazil also has a lot of sugarcane plantations, and pounds of leftovers are tossed out everyday. If you took those remains and used the biomass way, you could also get a lot of energy. If Brazil made use of all its resources, and start importing some from other countries, then they could eventually have no need to use fossil fuels. They're already 90% there; just take away the 10% and you have all clean, renewable energy for a large, developing country.

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