Monday, October 27, 2014

Thomas Hobbes vs. John Locke

Do you see yourself as more of a follower of the ideas of Thomas Hobbes or John Locke? Explain why you feel that way.

I personally follow John Locke more than Thomas Hobbes. Thomas Hobbes believes in absolute government; he believes that we might give up our freedom for safety. I think differently. There are basic, common rights that no one should sacrifice for government. The government should be trying to help protect and preserve those rights, instead of taking them away from us. John Locke said we had three basic rights; Life, Liberty and Property. In the Constitution, Liberty is replaced with Pursuit of Happiness but I think that both are important.

I do believe the government is helpful and is the reason we're not all killing each for land and resources, but there are also choices the individual must make. Without preserving natural rights for each human, the government could kill someone and say it was for protection. We have a right to Life, to Liberty, to Property. I do not believe the absolute government. I also don't agree with everything Thomas Hobbes has to say about the nature of humans. That's why I follow John Locke rather than Thomas Hobbes.

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