Friday, October 24, 2014

Short Story Drafts Reflection

These past few weeks, we've been working on an original short story. We're supposed to incorporate the narrative elements into the story: characterization, plot, setting, symbol and theme. As you can see, my first draft is drastically different from my final draft. While my first draft is a wild tale of giants and angels and flame-hands, my final draft is a realistic story about how a three-year-old got burned by a motorcycle. I really like my first draft, but realize that I didn't have almost any of the narrative elements. I really didn't know how I could turn this into a short story that met the requirements and I didn't like the ending of it. I decided to go with one of my first ideas; telling the story of how I got burned when I was three. Since I was very young, I don't remember all of the details. Because of that, I decided to fictionalize it. It was difficult as first because I wanted to be truthful to the story, and I didn't want to insult anyone in my family. Then I realized that this story was fiction, and I could do anything I wanted to do with it. Overall, the writing process went well. At first, I was really emphasizing how much Clary wanted to spend time with her mother, but then Ms. Baumgarten told me how I was hitting everyone over the head with it. I tried to show, and not tell, as much as I could as a result.  I added some details that I couldn't be sure actually happened, put in events that definitely didn't happen and put in some other memories of mine to make the story longer. I had a lot of fun writing it, especially since I could I do whatever I wanted with it. I decided to make Clary very impatient and jealous of her sister, which wasn't far from the truth, and Maria a light-hearted, distracted mother. The father and Jessica didn't come much into play intentionally. I wanted to focus on Maria, Ramiro and Clary. There were some grammar issues where I didn't like how choppy the story was sounding. I needed to add some things to smooth it out and delete sentences that didn't really make sense. When I was finished with the story, I realized that I didn't have a symbol. Then, I realized that the burn itself could be a symbol! Clary was impatient, and as a result, she was hurt. The burn could represent how impatience harms you and other people. Overall, I'm proud of my short story and how much it's improved.

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