Monday, October 6, 2014

Reflection on My PE Smart Goal

Unfortunately, I did not achieve my PE SMART goal. My SMART goal was to get to level 6 in the Beep test, increasing my endurance and cardiovascular strength. If I achieved this, then I knew I would be almost ready to run with my dad. The reason I did not achieve this goal was not because of my endurance (although that played a role), but my pace. If you do not reach the line in time two times in a row, you were disqualified from the Beep test. I was going slowly, in order to preserve my energy, and by the time that I reached level 5, I was going too slow to reach the lines in time. I had to take myself out and be the first person to stop running. I think that next time, if I find a better pace, then I will make it further. Still, I was quite exhausted when I stopped running. I wasn't maxed out, but I was in the zone 2 or 3. I sounded much more tired than I actually and I think that something with not being able to breathe correctly really messes up my results. If I could my air in without gasping, I think I could've lasted longer. After all, after a few minutes, I was fine again. I don't think that my body was the problem. I think my breathing was. If I find a new method to breathe without feeling like I'm suffocating while I run, a way that spreads out oxygen through my body quickly, I think that I will last longer in the next Beep test. My dad already taught me that if you breathe in a rhythm (twice in quickly, twice out quickly), it'll help set your pace and breathe evenly. Next time, I'll be sure to think about what I did wrong this time and try to improve my score.

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