Monday, October 6, 2014

History 9: Reflection Core Values

One core value I feel that I have been succeeding with so far with History, is Communicator. I think that I communicate well in my writing and clearly when I'm in a group situation. I can express my thoughts to other people and transfer ideas. I also always speak in English, rather than speaking to just one person in Spanish or Portuguese (unless it helps clarify the information to them). I know that many people in that class do not speak either of those languages fluently and understand best when we speak in English.

On the other hand, I feel like a core value that I've been struggling with is Balanced. While there is some information that I know well and can loads about, there are also a lot of topics that I don't understand. If I balance my learning better, and try to understand everything instead of specializing in certain topics, I'll be able to understand the whole unit in general. To do this, I'll have to start studying some of the things I struggle with in my spare time and really go over the information in class. I could do some more research to put my learning into perspective and create a timeline of information. That way, I could connect my learning to each other and be able to understand it as a whole.

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