Friday, October 24, 2014

Core Values Reflection

I feel like one core value that I'm succeeding with this quarter is Inclusive. Several times throughout the year, I've listened to other people's ideas and realized that my own idea could be expanded on, and in some cases, is incorrect. By being open to other ideas and cultures that influence the way they think, I've been able to expand and improve my own learning. An example of this is when we were discussing the theme of our short stories. Every time we talked about theme and I heard other people's opinions, I either grew more sure of my own or realized that there was something more to the story that I didn't notice. This happened especially in the Lottery. When I thought it was only about tradition, other people commented on hypocrites and society. Kata also talked about the symbolism of the white pieces of paper, which really opened my eyes to what symbolism there was beyond the black box.

One core value I've been struggling with is Innovative. This Core Value has always been a struggle for me, but I'm sure I can improve upon it in this quarter. It's been difficult for me to engage my learning in an original and creative way. One example of this is when I do projects. Its difficult for me to think of a unique way to demonstrate my learning without the help of someone else. Hopefully, the creative short story we're doing this quarter will help me increase my creative ability and aid me in later projects.

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