Friday, October 31, 2014

Frida Kahlo e K-Pop: Como As Dois Representam Feminismo

O que é cultura? A cultura se identifica ao pais, e mostra a diversidade de pessoas e países no mundo. A cultura ajuda estrangeiros entender a pais e como funciona, e o povo da pais. Um maneira que você pode fazer isso é com arte. Muitas coisas podem ser arte; pinturas, musica, até esporte! Qualquer coisa pode ser arte, e qualquer coisa pode ser belo. Então, dois pedaços de arte culturalmente muito diferentes podem ser similiar?

No meu classe de Portuguese, nos fizemos apresentações sobre o nosso cultura, e um artista que nos-representa. Seo-Hyun, minha amiga, apresentou sobre K-Pop, um tipo de musica Coreana, especificamente Girls Generation. O meu outro amiga, Carla, apresentou sobre Frida Kahlo, um artista Mexicana. Quando elas estavam apresentando, um coisa chamou o meu atenção. Esses dois artistas podiam ser conectadas?

Frida Kahlo e K-Pop. Você nunca imaginária que esses dois coisas podem ser similares. Frida Kahlo é um artista Mexicana que morreu em 13 de julho de 1954. Ela gostava muito das coisas tradicionais, até usando roupas indígenas. O K-Pop é o símbolo do idéias novos. Eles são pop verdade, com roupas modernas da moda, e até modificando os corpos e caras deles para aparecer mas como o que sociedade acha e belo. Se, por exemplo, os Girls Generation e o Frida Kahlo se conheceram, eu acho que Frida Kahlo ia odeia elas. Mas, elas são similiar.

Os dois representam feminismo. Todos sabem que Frida Kahlo é um símbolo do força da mulheres. Ela sofreu tanto, mas ele continuava com a vida e com pinturas. Ela não conformou com as ideas de beleza, nunca sacando o cabelo da corpo dela. Ele era forte. Os Girls Generation também são fortes! Em qual outro pais você veia um grupo da meninas que são confidente, bonitas, sexy, poderosas e não precisava homens? Você pode ver em as vídeos delas que elas não precisam ninguém, e que elas dominam. As dois artistas representa o poder verdade das mulheres, mas em maneiras diferentes!

Eu acho que você não precisa ser da mesma cultura para representa a mesma coisa. Você não precisa fazer o mesmo tipo da arte. Você não precisa ter experiências similiar. Se você tem a mesma idéia--em este caso, feminismo--você pode dar a mesma mesagen. O Frida Kahlo e os Girls Generation me ensinaram, e outros meninos no mundo, que as mulheres tem poder.

A cultura faz cada pais diferente, e o arte que esta criado na pais diferente tamben. O feliz K-Pop e os pinturas escuros e mórbidos de Frida Kahlo não podem ser mais diferentes. Mas, a cultura tamben conecta a gente, e os idéias que nos temos.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Thomas Hobbes vs. John Locke

Do you see yourself as more of a follower of the ideas of Thomas Hobbes or John Locke? Explain why you feel that way.

I personally follow John Locke more than Thomas Hobbes. Thomas Hobbes believes in absolute government; he believes that we might give up our freedom for safety. I think differently. There are basic, common rights that no one should sacrifice for government. The government should be trying to help protect and preserve those rights, instead of taking them away from us. John Locke said we had three basic rights; Life, Liberty and Property. In the Constitution, Liberty is replaced with Pursuit of Happiness but I think that both are important.

I do believe the government is helpful and is the reason we're not all killing each for land and resources, but there are also choices the individual must make. Without preserving natural rights for each human, the government could kill someone and say it was for protection. We have a right to Life, to Liberty, to Property. I do not believe the absolute government. I also don't agree with everything Thomas Hobbes has to say about the nature of humans. That's why I follow John Locke rather than Thomas Hobbes.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Short Story Drafts Reflection

These past few weeks, we've been working on an original short story. We're supposed to incorporate the narrative elements into the story: characterization, plot, setting, symbol and theme. As you can see, my first draft is drastically different from my final draft. While my first draft is a wild tale of giants and angels and flame-hands, my final draft is a realistic story about how a three-year-old got burned by a motorcycle. I really like my first draft, but realize that I didn't have almost any of the narrative elements. I really didn't know how I could turn this into a short story that met the requirements and I didn't like the ending of it. I decided to go with one of my first ideas; telling the story of how I got burned when I was three. Since I was very young, I don't remember all of the details. Because of that, I decided to fictionalize it. It was difficult as first because I wanted to be truthful to the story, and I didn't want to insult anyone in my family. Then I realized that this story was fiction, and I could do anything I wanted to do with it. Overall, the writing process went well. At first, I was really emphasizing how much Clary wanted to spend time with her mother, but then Ms. Baumgarten told me how I was hitting everyone over the head with it. I tried to show, and not tell, as much as I could as a result.  I added some details that I couldn't be sure actually happened, put in events that definitely didn't happen and put in some other memories of mine to make the story longer. I had a lot of fun writing it, especially since I could I do whatever I wanted with it. I decided to make Clary very impatient and jealous of her sister, which wasn't far from the truth, and Maria a light-hearted, distracted mother. The father and Jessica didn't come much into play intentionally. I wanted to focus on Maria, Ramiro and Clary. There were some grammar issues where I didn't like how choppy the story was sounding. I needed to add some things to smooth it out and delete sentences that didn't really make sense. When I was finished with the story, I realized that I didn't have a symbol. Then, I realized that the burn itself could be a symbol! Clary was impatient, and as a result, she was hurt. The burn could represent how impatience harms you and other people. Overall, I'm proud of my short story and how much it's improved.

Core Values Reflection

I feel like one core value that I'm succeeding with this quarter is Inclusive. Several times throughout the year, I've listened to other people's ideas and realized that my own idea could be expanded on, and in some cases, is incorrect. By being open to other ideas and cultures that influence the way they think, I've been able to expand and improve my own learning. An example of this is when we were discussing the theme of our short stories. Every time we talked about theme and I heard other people's opinions, I either grew more sure of my own or realized that there was something more to the story that I didn't notice. This happened especially in the Lottery. When I thought it was only about tradition, other people commented on hypocrites and society. Kata also talked about the symbolism of the white pieces of paper, which really opened my eyes to what symbolism there was beyond the black box.

One core value I've been struggling with is Innovative. This Core Value has always been a struggle for me, but I'm sure I can improve upon it in this quarter. It's been difficult for me to engage my learning in an original and creative way. One example of this is when I do projects. Its difficult for me to think of a unique way to demonstrate my learning without the help of someone else. Hopefully, the creative short story we're doing this quarter will help me increase my creative ability and aid me in later projects.

Monday, October 6, 2014

History 9: Reflection Core Values

One core value I feel that I have been succeeding with so far with History, is Communicator. I think that I communicate well in my writing and clearly when I'm in a group situation. I can express my thoughts to other people and transfer ideas. I also always speak in English, rather than speaking to just one person in Spanish or Portuguese (unless it helps clarify the information to them). I know that many people in that class do not speak either of those languages fluently and understand best when we speak in English.

On the other hand, I feel like a core value that I've been struggling with is Balanced. While there is some information that I know well and can loads about, there are also a lot of topics that I don't understand. If I balance my learning better, and try to understand everything instead of specializing in certain topics, I'll be able to understand the whole unit in general. To do this, I'll have to start studying some of the things I struggle with in my spare time and really go over the information in class. I could do some more research to put my learning into perspective and create a timeline of information. That way, I could connect my learning to each other and be able to understand it as a whole.

Reflection on My PE Smart Goal

Unfortunately, I did not achieve my PE SMART goal. My SMART goal was to get to level 6 in the Beep test, increasing my endurance and cardiovascular strength. If I achieved this, then I knew I would be almost ready to run with my dad. The reason I did not achieve this goal was not because of my endurance (although that played a role), but my pace. If you do not reach the line in time two times in a row, you were disqualified from the Beep test. I was going slowly, in order to preserve my energy, and by the time that I reached level 5, I was going too slow to reach the lines in time. I had to take myself out and be the first person to stop running. I think that next time, if I find a better pace, then I will make it further. Still, I was quite exhausted when I stopped running. I wasn't maxed out, but I was in the zone 2 or 3. I sounded much more tired than I actually and I think that something with not being able to breathe correctly really messes up my results. If I could my air in without gasping, I think I could've lasted longer. After all, after a few minutes, I was fine again. I don't think that my body was the problem. I think my breathing was. If I find a new method to breathe without feeling like I'm suffocating while I run, a way that spreads out oxygen through my body quickly, I think that I will last longer in the next Beep test. My dad already taught me that if you breathe in a rhythm (twice in quickly, twice out quickly), it'll help set your pace and breathe evenly. Next time, I'll be sure to think about what I did wrong this time and try to improve my score.