Wednesday, September 24, 2014

SMART Goals: One Sprint at a Time

For my PE SMART goals, I want to be able to get to level 6 on the BEEP test. This doesn't seem that difficult, but I have gotten to the same result on my BEEP test every time: level 5 and little more. This lands me in the "Fair" section for my age group and gender, but I want to get to "Good" and improve my muscular and cardiovascular endurance. There are a few Core Values I can connect to my goal. I think Reflective and Risk Taker can describe my goal. I evaluated my skills, reflected upon what I could do better and set an achievable goal in order to improve my skills. I'm also taking a risk because I could very easily fail and not achieve this goal just because I feel as if I don't have the strength. This is why I need to Perseverance and keep going even when I feel like I need to quit. Ways I can improve my endurance outside of school could be keeping track of my heart rate to see if it improves over time, do cardiovascular endurance activities like walking and running outside of school in my free time and looking up ways to increase endurance online. For example, I could run 15 minutes every day and slowly, I would get used to running for that amount of time and be able to bump it up to 20 or eventually 30 minutes. The reason I feel as if this is relatable to my life is because my dad likes to run marathons or 5k runs and its a family tradition for him to run at least one race with one of us kids. I have yet to run a 5k with my dad and I would like to get to the point of fitness to be able to do that with him without getting exhausted. So, I will practice running and try to get to the level of fitness that I can get to level 6 or even higher. I'll try hard to achieve my goal.

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  1. Hi Clara, thank you for posting your fitness SMART goals...what a great way to make your fitness goal be able to run with your dad without getting tired. I look forward to reading more about your progress!