Monday, September 29, 2014

Science SMART Goals

Over the last quarter, I really learned a lot about my learning habits and the best way for me to learn in Science. I realized that the organization of the binder is actually very helpful and that I'm more of a physical learner than a technological one. By writing things down and organizing physical papers, I find that I'm more organized and learn better. I also found out some things I do wrong when it comes to assessments and projects. I didn't turn in assignments because it seemed like a lot of work or I wasn't aware it was due. Despite the wide range of resources I have, I didn't study for my tests, formative or summative. I discovered that it's not in my nature to study for these tests because I feel like I know the information, even if I don't. This results in lower test scores and mistakes I wouldn't have made if I had studied. I think that by studying, I get a fuller understanding of the topic instead of learning it and then forgetting about it when I get a new unit. I found that happened particularly with Unit 2 and 3. When we were learning about homogenous and heterogenous mixtures, I didn't understand the information;I still don't fully understand the difference between a suspension and colloid. For some reason I didn't think to ask a question and completely forgot everything I did learn when I received Unit 3. I was too busy focusing my efforts on that to review Unit 2. This wasn't particularly the case when I transitioned from Unit 1 to Unit 2 because Unit 1 was more of review while Unit 2 was mostly new information. However, when I was on Unit 2 and 3, it still felt like the beginning of the year and I was still adjusting and figuring out how to work. I never really had to think about this before high school started, because grades never felt like a huge deal. I feel like grades count now and I need to work hard to get the results I want. I realized that I can't get straight A's by lying around and thinking about it. Fortunately, by now I have my strategy and am much more organized. Hopefully, I won't have anymore NTI's due to laziness or forgetfulness this year. I feel like in this first quarter, I figured out how to work and study and by Unit 5, I'll have everything down pat. I now have a system of reminding myself of homework and getting it done on the day I receive it. I figured out a way to have free time, study time and sleep time without having to sacrifice one or the other. Of course, I'll be making mistakes in the future, but I'll learn from them just as I've learned from my mistakes in this first quarter.

If there's one core value I've been succeeding with this quarter, I think it would be Reflective. I constantly looked back at my work, realized what I was doing wrong and tried to improve upon that. I realized that writing notes with images and different colors makes them more engaging and easier to remember, and that charts and graphs are actually very useful. I got this information by making mistakes in the past; writing all of my notes in pencil, with no color or image to break up the information or make it easier to process. This made it harder to find information that was very important among little tidbits that I could survive without. Not only did I reflect upon the more direct things I was doing in class, like the way I was interacting with classmates and participating in labs, I also reflected upon how I did the work at home and how I could improve upon. I'm now trying to be more communicative, responsible, and balanced. Learning habits, studying and completing homework has been a struggle for me since the 5th grade. I feel like this year, I'm finally reflecting upon my behavior and changing it for the better.

In the following months, I want to try to be more curious. I feel like in a topics as vast and interesting as the ones we're studying, finding out more information will do nothing but help me. I want to learn a lot more about the Carboniferous period, because the way the Earth was billions of years ago is genuinely interesting to me. I think I will learn more about fossil fuels, the main topic we're learning about, because I know more about that period. I think that if I'm interested in the subject, it improves my learning. If I find a way to be interested and curious to learn about even a small part of each topic we learn about, the information will stick to my brain easier. 

For my SMART goal for Quarter 2, I want to have gotten an 85%+ on a summative assignment by the end of this next quarter. This is not for the grade, as many people would think (although its a bonus), but as proof that I'm making changes in my learning habits. The only way I could get a very high grade on an assessment is by studying and engaging with the topic so that it's easy to remember the information. If I take good notes, find at least a part of the subject interesting and develop the skills to study well then I'll be able to complete the goal for sure. But this can only happen if I improve upon the core values I'm struggling with and continue to try to create better learning habits.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Não Tente Isso Em Casa

Eu li a crônica Naõ Tente Isso Em Casa de Matthew Shirts do livro O Jeitinho Americano. O historia era sobre um reunião da familia em Califórnia. A familia vem de todas partes; Brasil, China, outros partes do EUA. Infelizmente, o filho de 8 meses do Matthew, que mora em Brasil, ficou resfriado. Depois de tentar muitas vezes para curar ele, a familia notaram que o termômetro quebrou. O que aconteceu depois disso era interessante. Os Americanos reataram diferente do que os Brasileiros e os filhos reataram diferente do que os pais. Os Brasileiros eram mais estressados, ligando pessoas e geralmente ficaram assustados. O irmão de Phil fiz o contrario. Ele fui a farmácia, comprou um coisa para limpar e tomou controle do situação. A filha de Matthew pesquiso os efectos de mercurio na Internet. Isso me fez pensar como eu me reato as coisas,  e como meu pai e minha imagina reataram. Eu sou como Phil; eu gosto de ter controle da situação, out em alguém em controle. Eu tento relaxar. Em contrasto, meu pai fica irritado e em panic, que e muito argentino. Ele tenta a fixar todo com nada mais o mente dele, e eu gosto de pesquisar na Internet e perguntar outras pessoas. Você pode ver que geraçãos diferentes pensam diferentes em situaçaos urgentes, mesmo para nacionalidades diferentes.

Vision Boards: What I Aspire to Be

For my first image, I chose books. Reading has been a hobby of mine ever since I could pick up a book, but recently I've been neglecting it in favor of social media websites, social life and schoolwork. I really don't want to lose this hobby, and there are so many great books out there to read! So, I set a goal for myself to read more. Ways I could accomplish this is finding very good books and checking them out of the library, giving myself at least 30 minutes everyday to read, and trying to focus less on my computer and phone in order to give myself more time to read. 

This second image is a bass guitar. I already have bass lessons every Saturday, but my goal is to really commit and become successful with this instrument. I tried out guitar and I took classes, but I quit because I wasn't interested in the instrument anymore. I'm determined to play this instrument and learn as much as I can from it and eventually learn how to improvise using it. I might even get my own bass, with an amp and all, one day! But in order to do that, I need to persevere. So, I will stay after school at least once a week and use Mr. Stange's bass and practice the songs I know, and learn some new ones.

This third image is one of a drumset. I already have an electronic drumset at home for my brother and my father, but since the bass and the drums are so closely linked, I really want to learn how to play this instrument. I want to get a better sense of rhythm, since the bass and the drums have a conversation with each throughout the song. I think learning how the play the drums will improve my understanding of the bass, of the songs I perform in Band, and of music in general. Plus, it sounds really fun! But in order to do this, I will need to find some sort of online guide or class, since I'm already taking classes in bass. Maybe I can ask Mr. Stange to help with some rhythms I don't understand, since he knows a lot about drums and has taught many people before me. Along with learning this instrument, I will learn the base saxophone. It's just a cool instrument and will let me get into jazz band next year!  

This last one may be the most difficult. I had already stated how much I love reading, but I also love writing. I've been writing for as long as I can remember, and before that, I was probably making up stories in my head as well. In the last six months or so, I've stopped writing. I'm not sure what happened for me to get to this stage, but apparently I got Writer's Block and it has not lifted since. I still make up stories in my head, but I see them more like movies than of words. I'm concerned because I want to my skill level in writing to keep going up and it's not something I want to lose. So, I will try my best to write at least a little bit every single day. Maybe it's a diary or a blog entry, but I want to put the effort of putting words on a Microsoft Word document. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

SMART Goals: One Sprint at a Time

For my PE SMART goals, I want to be able to get to level 6 on the BEEP test. This doesn't seem that difficult, but I have gotten to the same result on my BEEP test every time: level 5 and little more. This lands me in the "Fair" section for my age group and gender, but I want to get to "Good" and improve my muscular and cardiovascular endurance. There are a few Core Values I can connect to my goal. I think Reflective and Risk Taker can describe my goal. I evaluated my skills, reflected upon what I could do better and set an achievable goal in order to improve my skills. I'm also taking a risk because I could very easily fail and not achieve this goal just because I feel as if I don't have the strength. This is why I need to Perseverance and keep going even when I feel like I need to quit. Ways I can improve my endurance outside of school could be keeping track of my heart rate to see if it improves over time, do cardiovascular endurance activities like walking and running outside of school in my free time and looking up ways to increase endurance online. For example, I could run 15 minutes every day and slowly, I would get used to running for that amount of time and be able to bump it up to 20 or eventually 30 minutes. The reason I feel as if this is relatable to my life is because my dad likes to run marathons or 5k runs and its a family tradition for him to run at least one race with one of us kids. I have yet to run a 5k with my dad and I would like to get to the point of fitness to be able to do that with him without getting exhausted. So, I will practice running and try to get to the level of fitness that I can get to level 6 or even higher. I'll try hard to achieve my goal.

Calculator Investagation

This method is the process calculators go through when they calculate the radical of a number, or x. It does this several times, until the number repeats and doesn't change. The formula used is the following: 1/2(x+2/x). When doing the problems, we struggled at first but then eventually got the correct answers. 

1 = 5.1 
     2 = 2.746078431
     3 = 1.737194874
     4 = 1.444238095
     5 = 1.414525655
     6 = 1.414213597

    1 = 1.5
    2 = 1.416666667
    3 = 1.414215686
    4 = 1.414213562
    5 = 1.414213562
    6 = 1.414213562

    1 = 1.25
    2 = .875
    3 = .6875
    4 = .59375 
    5 = .54675
    6 = .523475

√3 = 1.732050808 (or Ans)
Equation 1: 1/3(Ans+3/Ans) =  1.54700538
Equation 2: 1/3(Ans+2/Ans) = .9622504487
Equation 3: 1/2(Ans+3/Ans) = 1.732050808

√5 = 2.236067977 (or Ans)
1/2(Ans+5/Ans) = 2.236067977

√11 = 3.31662479
1/2(Ans+11/Ans) = 3.31662479

X = 1/2(X + K/X)
2X*2 = Xn*2 + K
X*2 = K
X = square root of K

What you need to do is to change the 1/2 to 1/3 or 1/4 depending if it is a square root (1/2) , cubed root (1/3), et cetera.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Você e O Que Você Come

Ao ler a crônica O Sanuíche e o Cultura Brasileira de Matthew Shirts do livro O Jeitinho Americano, comecei a refletir sobre as diferentes culturas e como a comida representa-as. Nunca pensei que as comidas podia representar países inteiros com precisão, ainda que e um pouquinho estereotipada.  Sempre achei que comida era um parte pequena da cultura, mas a crônica acima citada fala sobre sobre o que você pense é comida, o que tipo de comida, e o que como você come comida pode falar muito sobre aonde você vem. .
Ele me fez observar e refletir sobre como eu comer. Eu sou três países , todos com muitos alimentos diferentes. Na Argentina , nós gostamos de carne, pão, e doce de leite, comidas muitas pesadas. O Brasil tem muitas coisas salgados, como coxinha e feijoada . Eles gostam de comer um monte de arroz, o oposto da Argentina. Os Estados Unidos , gostam de coisas doces e façam as melhores cupcakes e bollos. Todos os três gostam de grandes porções. Tamben, como falam em o livro, os Brasileiros falam que se você come com as mãos, não e comida de verdade. Eu concordo com eles. E muito diferente do que os americanos façam. Eles gostam de comer TODO com as mão. Eu sempre pensei que eu sou mais Americana do que Brasileira, mas agora que eu estou pensando do o meu comida e o que eu gosto, eu percebi que eu sou latina. Eu gosto muito das coisas salgadas, e de todo o comida típica do Argentina. Eu acho que feijoada e o maximo. Eu me-canso de coisas doces.
Portanto, agora percebi que eu sou mas Latina do que eu pensei. Agora me questiono se os pessoas eu conheco são mais Brasileiros, or estrangeiros, que eu pensei.