Thursday, August 14, 2014

Graded Core Values

        One core value that I believe can be applied to our lives everywhere you go is Critical Thinker. Critical Thinkers think deeply about the situations around them and make reasoned decisions based upon that. I think it's important critically think about any difficult or confusing situation in order to make the right choice and have success. Being a Critical Thinking helps you have more success in life and gives you a deeper understanding of the world around. Some examples of Critical Thinking you might need in your everyday life is during stressful or frustrating situations. You might not be thinking clearly, so you step back and assess the situation critically in order to come up with a reasonable solution.

           One core value I struggle with is Balanced. There are many activities I want to be a part of, but it's difficult juggling all those around and doing them well. It's often difficult for me to turn in homework on time because of my instruments I need to practice, groups I am a part of and the sports I would like to do. It's difficult for me prioritize because I feel as if all of these activities are equally important. This year, I'm planning on doing only a few activities and giving myself lots of time to work on homework and trying to balance out all of my activities. 

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