Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Grand Inga

This quarter in Geography, I wrote an essay concerning the hydroelectric dam being built on the Congo River. I think it is one of the best essays I have written. Compared to the essays of my past Geography classes, I think I improved the most in my research and responsibility. Geography is a self-paced class, meaning that you have a certain deadline to do a certain amount of work, but each class is eighty minutes of doing what you think is most important. This way, people can finish the easy work early in order to move on to something more difficult, and even finish everything a few classes early! I was a bit behind with my Personalized Map and my case study, so I only had a week or two to write it and then turn it in. Considering the time-frame, I had to finish my research rather quickly and move on to working on the outline and first drafts. I think that my data collection was really well-done. I had several different sources, quotes from both sides of the issue, and more than five pages of solid information. I figured out what was the best way for me to take notes and then convert it into a draft without plagiarizing and did it all in a few days. I think that with this, I was very responsible and gave myself time to work on my Case Study. I still need to work on being balanced, because even though I finished my research quickly, I spent too much time on certain parts of the essay that I could've spent on others and had to research more when I realized I was missing some information. All in all, I think that I really improved my note-taking skills and learned about myself and my learning habits in the process.  

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