Thursday, April 3, 2014

Accelerated Math

This year, I did much better with Accelerated Math. In the previous quarters, I only got a fraction towards the grade--first quarter, I got 9/45 objectives mastered, then I got 12/35 master on the second quarter. This quarter was the first that I actually passed with Accelerated Math. In the first week, I got 17 mastered, already more than my second quarter! Once I got to 22 objectives, the week after, I stopped doing Accelerated Math for a good two or three weeks. I managed to get to 30 before deciding that my other schoolwork was more important and that getting a B was good enough. I didn't necessarily enjoy the experience, but I enjoyed getting objectives and seeing my grade improve because of it. It was nice to have so little stress compared to the first semester. It really improved my skill level. I learned how to do certain problems before we learned it in class, and understood class better because of it. I was really happy with my performance in Accelerated Math, although I'll admit that it didn't really help with my test scores. I think that I need to study more in order to get better scores on the tests. I think that the core value that best connects to my experience with Accelerated Math this year was Balanced. I knew when to stop doing Accelerated Math and start focusing on other classes, like Geography, that required more of my attention. Once I got ahead of the class, I took a long break and took away the stress of Accelerated Math, thus doing better on other assignments. I'm really proud of my performance with Accelerated Math this quarter, and hope that I can keep going with Accelerated Math next year in order to practice and improve my math skill.


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