Wednesday, April 23, 2014

7 Bilhãos De Outros Refleção

Familia é muito importante--eles são os unicas pessoas que você sabe para todo seu vida. Você aprende muito do que eles façam o como eles vivam. Eu acho que o que você aprende do seu familia é importante porque impacta como você viva a vida para sempre. Acho que muitas pessoas aprendem as mesmas coisas (amor, gentileza, amizade). Se você encountrasse uma pessoa que tem as mesmas valores, você gostaria dele. Ele tem esses valores porque o familia dele tinham esses valores. Eu acho que meu resposta contribui para o project 7 bilhões de outros, por que eu tenho um vida muito diferente dos pessoas de Brasil, e agora eles podem escutar o que eu penso. Meu resposta era diferente da pessoa que eu escutei, porque minha familia era muito diferente. Ela não era feliz com a familia dela, ela falou que o irmão era um cachorro e que ele não ensinou ela. Mas, ela pode aprender o que eu aprendi com um outro típo de familia--as amigas de la.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

General Reflection (Quarter 4)

I think that I showed most success in the value Responsible this year. I really took each assignment into my own hands and did my best on all assignments. The value that I showed most progress or growth in was Balanced. Last year, it was difficult for me to balance out all of my assignments and do them accordingly, but this year I learned how to prioritize. I knew when one assignment was more important than another assignment, and also realize how to tell when I needed a break. I think that this helped me improve my grades and learning. My goals for the rest of the year are to improve in Math, getting above an 80% on at least one test, and to work harder and put more effort into every class. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Accelerated Math

This year, I did much better with Accelerated Math. In the previous quarters, I only got a fraction towards the grade--first quarter, I got 9/45 objectives mastered, then I got 12/35 master on the second quarter. This quarter was the first that I actually passed with Accelerated Math. In the first week, I got 17 mastered, already more than my second quarter! Once I got to 22 objectives, the week after, I stopped doing Accelerated Math for a good two or three weeks. I managed to get to 30 before deciding that my other schoolwork was more important and that getting a B was good enough. I didn't necessarily enjoy the experience, but I enjoyed getting objectives and seeing my grade improve because of it. It was nice to have so little stress compared to the first semester. It really improved my skill level. I learned how to do certain problems before we learned it in class, and understood class better because of it. I was really happy with my performance in Accelerated Math, although I'll admit that it didn't really help with my test scores. I think that I need to study more in order to get better scores on the tests. I think that the core value that best connects to my experience with Accelerated Math this year was Balanced. I knew when to stop doing Accelerated Math and start focusing on other classes, like Geography, that required more of my attention. Once I got ahead of the class, I took a long break and took away the stress of Accelerated Math, thus doing better on other assignments. I'm really proud of my performance with Accelerated Math this quarter, and hope that I can keep going with Accelerated Math next year in order to practice and improve my math skill.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Grand Inga

This quarter in Geography, I wrote an essay concerning the hydroelectric dam being built on the Congo River. I think it is one of the best essays I have written. Compared to the essays of my past Geography classes, I think I improved the most in my research and responsibility. Geography is a self-paced class, meaning that you have a certain deadline to do a certain amount of work, but each class is eighty minutes of doing what you think is most important. This way, people can finish the easy work early in order to move on to something more difficult, and even finish everything a few classes early! I was a bit behind with my Personalized Map and my case study, so I only had a week or two to write it and then turn it in. Considering the time-frame, I had to finish my research rather quickly and move on to working on the outline and first drafts. I think that my data collection was really well-done. I had several different sources, quotes from both sides of the issue, and more than five pages of solid information. I figured out what was the best way for me to take notes and then convert it into a draft without plagiarizing and did it all in a few days. I think that with this, I was very responsible and gave myself time to work on my Case Study. I still need to work on being balanced, because even though I finished my research quickly, I spent too much time on certain parts of the essay that I could've spent on others and had to research more when I realized I was missing some information. All in all, I think that I really improved my note-taking skills and learned about myself and my learning habits in the process.  

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