Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Essays: Then and Now

In the second quarter of our Humanities class, we were given a two classes to write our first argumentative essay on whether or not kids should go a week without technology. It was named, "A Week Without Technology." Then, this quarter, we were given a few weeks to research, annotate articles, watch a documentary and then write an argumentative essay on whether or not Israel should exist. This time, we knew more about clauses, citations, and the format of an argumentative essay in general. Now we have both essays back and graded to compare and see how we improved and on which sections we should work on. 

On my first essay, I think that I did well, even though there were mistakes that I could've easily fixed now. For example, I didn't reference the text often and had almost no quotes. Some of my paragraphs were just rambling and the structure took attention away from the content.  I had a good tone, though, and my voice was clear and focused. My word choice was well-chosen, although I could've chosen better verbs. Sometimes my sentences were too long and awkward, and I made silly mistakes with my grammar. When I compared it to my essay on Israel, I could clearly see how I improved at least in every section. My grammar improved and I had several references to the text, and many quotes. I could see an obvious improvement with my sentences and in my general text.

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