Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Geography: Time Management

Time management has been something I've needed to work on since the beginning of 5th grade. I've learned to make schedules, email myself the homework, how to prioritize one class over another, and other habits because I didn't know how to manage my time. Now with Geography, I'm learning even more. As a self-paced class, we, as students, have to make decisions over what work we do. We can decide whether to take an easy week and not do as much homework, to do mounds of homework in order to complete a checkpoint earlier, and change our amount of work depending on what events we have this week. This sounded great at first, but then I realized the struggles. With no real consequences for not doing the homework you told yourself to do, it's easier to slack off and not any work for weeks. You have to remind yourself to study for that quiz, or to work on your Personalized Map or Packet. It's all based on your work ethic and integrity, and for this reason, Geography is one of the hardest, and easiest, classes I have. I enjoy the independence he gives us, but dread how we have to decide what's good enough, and how much is acceptable. I love not having homework sometimes, but then hate realizing that I have a dot map on smaller capitals tomorrow and I haven't memorized any of them! Despite my struggles, I find myself doing well in the class as I mastered the dot maps and moved on to making pins about current events. 

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  1. Clara- it would be good to have an update on how you've handled time management. Two months have passed and your growth in this area could be insightful.- Mr.E!