Monday, December 2, 2013

Atoms, Elements, Compounds and Mixtures Test Reflection

Recently, my science class had a test on atoms, elements, compounds and mixtures. We had learned about them around a month before the test, and since then had moved on towards the atomic theory and how it was developed, and worked on a timeline for it. I was surprised when I heard of the test--I hadn't thought about mixtures and elements in what seemed to be so long, although you could argue it was just a short time ago. I studied hard the night before, creating note cards and going over the answers to the practice test we took again and again, creating challenging questions for myself, reviewing old notes and making sure I could memorize the definitions of important vocabulary test. Unfortunately, despite my efforts, in the test still surprised me and asked me questions that I didn't know the answer to. Most of them seemed painstakingly easy--like, what charge does a nucleus has? I put down negative, but when I heard it was actually positive, I thumped my  head and said, I knew it! I ended up getting an 84% on the test, a grade that I'm not particularly proud of because I know I could do better if I had studied throughout the entire week instead of just the night before. Still, I'm happy with my grade and think it represents my learning this year. Although I try hard and study and mostly understand the concepts introduced to me, there still are things that confuse me and that I'm not sure about. I'll be sure that next time I'll ask more questions instead of trying to learn all by myself and spread out my studying throughout the entire week, so I really am prepared. The most important thing I did, I think, was trying to improve from the last test. Although I did study for the last test, I wasn't thorough and memorized without understanding. I tried to learn and expand from this experience, which I think makes me Reflective.

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