Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"Experimental Design" Artifact and Reflection

The assignment I chose as my artifact for Science class was my Experimental Design project. We had to ask a question, form a hypothesis, write out a procedure carry out an experiment and record our results using graphs and writing down what happened. This was a difficult project because we had to choose what to experiment on--you had to choose between something you think would be interesting but tough to experiment, or something along those lines.  

This project took a few weeks to complete and throughout that time, me and my partner Kat encountered several different problems and obstacles. Here are the documents we used in that time:

First there was the problem of choosing how to experiment on this particular question. It was easy enough to find out information about it, but finding out how to test its viscosity and how many different types of water we should test took some time to organize. As a result, we had to change the procedure in order to fit in the new information and way of testing it. When we started experimenting, new situations occurred--we had too much wood, there wasn't enough time to freeze the water to that certain temperatures, the hot plates were constantly occupied, and so on. Along the way, there were moments when we couldn't record certain information and later mixed up and had to test it again, which caused general confusion. Luckily, in the end it was cleared up enough for us to understand our graph, although some of our information was missing or not included.

Although I do wish we chose a different subject for our experiment, I believe we did a good job with the procedure and our persistence paid off.

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