Wednesday, October 9, 2013

St.Anthony Chorale Artifact and Reflection

For my band artifact, I chose my Band Audition. It took me a long time to turn in, because it was a fairly difficult song, named St.Anthony Chorale. It had some difficult places, especially towards the end when you had to mix the upper octave with the lower octave. You can see on the assessment that I struggled with that a bit. I had to replay it several times on SmartMusic in order to get it right.
I think that I was Curious with this piece. I really wanted to get it right, so even when I got a good grade on it, I tried again. I tested out different rhythms and different strategies with breathing, trying to find out which way was the best for this piece. After several different breathless tries, and missed notes, I ended up with taking a breath in specific measures. It didn't end up as well as I wanted it too, but it was good enough for me and I submitted it. Also, I had been working on it for hours and really felt like I never wanted to play it again.

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