Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"CWW Text" Artifact and Reflection

This quarter, we had several writing assignments that required us to use different verbs and styles. On of them was a movie review, the other a PFL dialogue, and the one I chose to show to you today, a 200 word essay about the mines in Minas Gerais.

Because I was sick, I did not complete this in and time and turned it in late. However, I still received feedback that is visible on the document and I learned from it. The assignment required the use of three different new verbs, and had to describe our experience in the mines. It was a difficult assignment for me because I have never been particularly skilled at writing in Portuguese--I have several problems with grammar and accents which I am still working on.

It took me a while because those verbs were difficult for me to understand, but I finally finished something I was proud of. I was really happy when I received minimal feedback and got 80% on it. I think that I did particularly well on this piece and really learned how to use the verbs.  

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