Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Accelerated Math Artifact and Reflection

For my Artifact for Math, I chose my Accelerated Math. Accelerated Math is a website where we complete practices and tests in order to master objectives, which are different types of math problems. I always struggled with Accelerated Math because some particular objectives gave me more trouble and I therefore didn't complete practices easily. The ones I had the most trouble with were the Rate, Times, Distance problems. Here's an example of one, taken from Accelerated Math.

Despite the amount of time I spent on these problems and asking people like Mr.Swartz and Jenny Lee, I never understood these problems. Because of this, I couldn'’ get enough objectives ready to test, and then couldn't take tests.

I tried several different attempts to solving these problems, qualifying in the core value Critical Thinker, but still the problems continue to stump me. I think that I need to go to an After-School and clarify once and for all how to do these problems, so that I can continue with Accelerated Math and master more objectives. I'm planning on mastering at least five objectives each week with Accelerated Math this quarter. I think that this is a good plan, considering how if I go at this pace, I'll definitely be in the acceptable range by the end of the quarter, and it actually isn't that much work. It'll be much better than working in a frenzy in the last couple of weeks.

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